Pension Minor Czech Budejovice

Ceske Budejovice hotel accommodation Minor services: There is closing parking lot, Free Internet connection in the rooms wireless Wi-Fi system, and the restaurant via fixed internet outlets. Hotel Minor Ceske Budejovice accommodation: Accommodation is located in single and double rooms with extra bed. Rooms are equipped with shower, toilet, sat-TV and minibar.
Sightseeing in historical center of Č. Budějovice.
Excursion in Budwar brewery including beer tasting.
Sightseeing flights over the South Bohemia region.
Boat trips on Vltava river.
Fishing and hunting activities.
Swimming outdoor and indoor swimming pool.
Cycling on numerous cycle trails. Those trails lead through the most exciting historical and natural points of interests.

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Created: 21.09.2009
Address: Školní 8
České Budějovice
Phone: 387314949
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