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History of the object is dated since first half of 17th century. Since approximately 1970 this object has been used as a wide disposal school, afterwards used as dining room for local farmhouse, in 1988 was bought by J.C. Vodovody corporation. Object has been rebuild as a recreation facility and in 1994 tooked back to possession of town Frymburk. In 1997 was leased to current owners. They have recostructed whole building and founded small family guesthouse with restaurant, terrace, football place, children field and so on. Into reconstruction was since 1994 invested 1,7mil CZK so far. Improving the object as far as our services is still our´s number one. Guesthouse Hanka is located in Blatna town by the road 5km from Frymburk in the direction to Cesky Krumlov.


restaurant is open daily 16:00 - 22:00 hours.
dishes are served daily to 22:00 hours
beer hall kapacity - 14 persons - Krušovice beer
terrace capacity - 20 persons
non-smoker salloon - 12 persons
ideal rooms for small weddings and family celebrations.

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Created: 19.04.2014
Address: Blatná 20
382 79
Phone: +420 973 569
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