Apartments Nova Pec,Bohemia forest,Lipno

Accomodation is provided in fully equipped, comforable apartments, 40sq meters each, for 4 people mostly. Our apartments are situated in attractive locality of Nová Pec na Šumavě, where cycle lanes, in-line lanes or ski cross country lanes begins.

Every apartment has own kitchen equipped with fridge, cooker with digester and grill, dishwasher, teapot, percolator, microwave owen and all the kitchen facilities.

There is a common living room and bedroom with comfortable double bed and one extra bed

All the apartments has own bathroom with toilets and shower. For your comfortable parking there is a private parking space for your car and the lockable cellar for bicykles, skis etc. is also included.

The locality of Nová Pec na Sumave is one of the most attractive territory in whole Sumava mountains. This is thanks to its situation on the boarder of National Park of Sumava mountains, in affinity to Lipno lake, which is just few hundread meters far away from apartments, and very close to places like Schwanzenberg channel, where in ancient ages the extracted wood was drenched, Medvědí stezka, which is the path throught beautiful peaces of rocks formations and on the way, there is a place where the last bear of whole Sumava mountains was seen. Another beautiful tourist target is Plesné lake, which is rare natural lake with depth of over 18 metres and amazing perspective to Plechý - highest mountain of Sumava on the Czech side. All of these destinations and many others can be reached thanks to extensive network of perfectly marked tourist or cyclist paths. All of these mentioned paths lead right away from Nová Pec na Sumavě!
If you want to spend a day on inline skates, it´s not a problem. From Nová Pec na Sumavě leads one of the most beautiful inline skate lanes in Czech Republic. It´s right away from here, straight to Stozec, along amazing sightseeing opportunities on Vltava river and through pure nature of Sumava forests.
In winter there is great occasion to see Sumava´s exciting nature thanks to 400 kilometres of mechanically prepared cross country ski lanes.
You can exploit possibility of ice skating on the worlds longest natural ice skating rink, 11 kilometres long round lane of Lipno lake! This is just an amazing experience!
If you prefer downhill skiing instead of cross country, you will find great occasion just 30 kilometres far away from Nová Pec. There is an extensive ski resort - Hochficht, with 11 kilometres of ski slopes and with really great conditions for this popular sport. You will find here easy ski slopes for children and freshman skiers, but also hard black labelled ski slopes for experienced ones. This ski resort is very suitable for families with children too.

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