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South Bohemia, the region has been administered by human beings in accordance with the demands of nature, its beauty surprise each visitor. Who goes historical monuments, understand how enlightened and had to be rich and noble families as outstanding artists and craftsmen to live here. Left here is to future generations innumerable cultural and historical monuments as evidence the rich and multifaceted history - ancient city, full of life and culture, majestic Gothic churches, dreamy Renaissance castles, monasteries, monuments folk architecture, interesting buildings, including sophisticated technical pond system?.o importance of protected Ramsarsks conventions (Trebon ponds, Trebon bog). South Bohemia, however, are due to the absence of large industrial enterprises and high landscape value. The proof is the amount declared protected areas. South Bohemia region are countless lakes, pine forests and large peat bogs, living siluet of urban and rural churches..

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Created: 10.12.2010
Address: Vlkov nad Lužnicí 87
Phone: 603226401
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