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Another advantage is that the hotel is situated close to the hiking and cycling routes in the near Podyjí National Park. This nature reserve is a real surprise for everybody who for the first time caught sight of the deep canyon of the Dyje River from Vranov as far as Znojmo, breathtaking views, unique fauna and flora as well as the world famous Šobes vineyard. Cultural sites of the oldest Moravian town are very easily accessible from the hotel.

The Bermuda Hotel is ideal for the individual as well as business trips, it can offer a guide through the Podyjí NP for cyclists and own maps of the look-outs, castles and places of interest in the environs. Our first interest is that our guests would spend a pleasant time in our hotel, full of beautiful moments and experiences. Therefore our hotel is ready to take care of your evening entertainment and relaxation too.

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Category: Jihomoravský kraj
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Created: 30.04.2009
Address: Mariánské nám. 10
66902 Znojmo
Phone: 515 223 869
Other contact: Marcel Kundrát
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