Vila Titania

Hotel Vila Titania**** is only 5 minutes to reach the cental part of the town. It is not just comfortable accommodation that we offer. The quiet environment and fitting rooms are suitable for company meetings, trainings and other similar activities. "Work and Relax in One". This might be our motto for all our guests who want to enjoy our hospitality. You finde here summer garden, is ready for barbewue or it can provide pleasant ambiance for spending a good time there, breakfast (included) buffet with cold and hot food, beverage bar nad reception, room food service, eschange office. You can stay in 5 doublerooms and 16 appartmans with the whirlpools.

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Category: Karlovarský kraj
Keywords: accommodation, whirlpool, apartman,massage, tawan, hotel, room buffet
Created: 19.02.2009
Address: Vila Titania
Krále Jiřího 11/1264
Karlovy Vary
360 01
Phone: +420 353 222 933
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