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Rusava, picturesque village in the heart of Wallachian Hostýnské mountains. How much of it was written, much has been said about it. And yet we can never fully penetrate her wealth and legacy. When we walk on its slopes, the houses, often as if you breathe some mysterious, inimitable charm. Perhaps because of its tumultuous history, the fate of the old Wallachian, who settled here expelled from their homes in Rottal John, who founded families. They then created several generations of the mountain shores inimitable and unique treasure Wallachian folk culture, which is still a source for many folklorists and files, especially those that directly link the village folk Rusava based.

Ethnographic region Moravian Wallachia
Wallachian colonization and its specific culture and the mountain shepherds in the Carpathian Slavic began to spread in the 13th and 14 century from východokarpatského mountains of todays Romania. Through Ukraine and Slovakia have expanded in the late 15th and especially in the 16th century to the Moravian Wallachia.

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