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Cheap quality hotel in Prague

Our hotel offers affordable accommodation in Prague for individuals as well as for larger groups. In our hotel, you have the possibility of both short-term and long-term accommodation.

If you are looking for cheap accommodation in Prague, our hotel is the right choice for you. We offer single rooms where you will find all the necessary privacy that you might miss at other places.

Couples or smaller groups
If you want to spend a romantic weekend in Prague with your partner and dont want to spend uselessly much money for accommodation, our hotel is the right choice for you. We offer cheap accommodation.

Larger groups and companies
If your non-Prague-based company got a contract in Prague and you need to accommodate your employees there, this type of accommodation is suited right for you. We offer accommodation in one, two, three, four or six bedrooms.

We offer accommodation one, two, three, four or six bedrooms, sanitary facilities are situated in every bedroom. Kitchen is common to all occupants.

Internet connection
In the hotel, there is wireless internet connection and ITŚ FREE.

Parking next to the hotel is included in the accommodation price, so that you dont have to pay any extra fees for parking.

CHECK-IN is from 12AM till 10PM and CHECK-OUT its by 10AM.

Currency Rates & Payment:
Please note we can only accept Czech Crown (CZK) for final payments for your bed at the hotel. All beds sold are priced in Czech Crown (CZK).

We are only able exchange Euro into Czech, please note that this will be at the market rate that is set by the hotel.

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