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Hostivař Hostel offers accommodation for employees and for tourists who like to inspect the surroundings of Prague. Cheap accommodation is provided in standard rooms with a capacity of beds for 2, 3, 4, and 5 people. Hostel provides a clean, regularly maintained common facilities, toilets and showers. There is also equipped shared kitchenette (microwave oven, cooker, electric kettle)

By bus is possibility to get Metro station Skalka. And in fifteen minutes you are in the city center and you can take advantage of all the attractions that Prague has to offer. Since the visit of cultural facilities, renowned restaurants or the historic center. Visit is offered the National Theatre, Žofín Palace, Prague Castle, Old and New Town and many other attractions. If you choose to relax near cheap hostel Hostivař, you can visit the natural pool in a nearby park and well entertained here.

Near the hostel you will find Hostivař Film Studios, filmed here such as Nexus movies and James Bond with Daniel Craig and horror The Dark. There is also a restaurant Gatteo. Your eyes can see the actors of the popular TV series Nova - The Street. Atelier is right next to the cheap hostel Hostivař.

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Created: 14.11.2012
Address: Dolnoměcholupská 19, 110 00, Praha 10 - Hostivař
Phone: +420777775522
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