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Mototechna Hostel is one of the cheapest hostel in Prague. Its character is suitable for both short and long term stays for individuals and large groups. It also can be a beneficial long-term rates. Hostel Mototechna has rooms for 1, 2, 3 or 4 persons.

All rooms have standard equipment belongs to each bed: bed, chair, desk and wardrobe.

Each two-room apartment / understood two double rooms / in hostel has its own bathroom. All spaces Mototechna hostels are centrally heated, so we provide especially during the winter months pleasant room temperature in all accommodation spaces. The water temperature in social facilities are also provided centrally, so there is no shortage.

Mototechna Hostel is ideally placed about 900 meters from the Metro station Stodůlky and 5 minutes by bus to get the metro station Zličin. Journey to the city center takes a very short time. City center located in Prague 1 and Prague 2 provides many ways in which you can spend your free time during your stay in Prague. A large number of restaurants, cinemas, theaters, music clubs, various sports facilities, as well as historical monuments invite you to explore the beautiful city, which Prague is.

If you want to spend your time near the hostel, not so far is a newly renovated House of Culture Club Mlejn with renowned restaurant offering a range of concerts and folk, jazz and rock music. Often, the concerts take place in the nearby St. James church in the center of old Stodůlky. You can make your purchases in the shopping center Avion Shopping Park, where you will find stores IKEA, TESCO, GLOBUS, Electroworld and many others.

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