Hotel near Praha, 20 min from Praha

Hotel Vyzlovka is cheap hotel near Prague, it offers 25 comfortable and modern rooms. Vyzlovka is located in 23 kilometres from capital city of CZ, Prague. You can get to us by car, it will take you 20 minutes, or by bus, bus stop is in front of the hotel. It will take you 30 minutes to get to hotel Vyzlovka (buses number 381, 382, 387, metro station HAJE). On the groundfloor of the hotel is restaurant with WIFI free, restaurant serves traditional Czech and international cuisine in restaurant. Every room has bathroom and TV inside. Hotel Vyzlovka has its own parking place on 55 cars, it is possible to park there buses too. Hotel was renovated in 2010. There is Ricany, Jevany, Kostelec nad Cernymi Lesy and Cesky Brod near us. Hotel is located in a significant nature area nearby Prague. There is reserve beautiful Voderadska Bucina with four bicycle ways, seven pools and nice beechwood forests. One pool Vyzlovsky rybnik is 150 m from us.

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Category: Středočeský kraj
Keywords: Hotel Vyzlovka, Kostelec, Cesky Brod, Ricany, cheap hotel near Prague
Created: 27.01.2014
Address: Jevanská 9, Vyžlovka
281 63, Okres Praha-východ
Phone: 739 051 993
Other contact:
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