Hotel U Zeleneho stromu - Hrensko

The hotel U Zeleneho stromu has 10 comfortable rooms with own bathroom, television, wifi internet a telephone. There is also restaurant with a terrace, information centre, reception and private parking spot. Hotel is situaded in the centre of Bohemian Switzerland. Guest will get easily to see Pravcicka brana, Canyon of river Kamenice and all other attraciont of the natural park. We provide also transport with a van. Close by the hotel is also many restaurant, golf playground and recently built a new lookout with amazing views. You are welcome in our hotelu U Zeleneho stromu, just 3 km from Hrensko.

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Category: Ústecký kraj
Keywords: Hrensko, accommodation Bohemian Switzerland
Created: 17.07.2015
Address: Janov 5
Phone: +420608608677
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